Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Labels...make shoping easy!




Today I organzied my blog to make it easier to locate past blogs, I added labels to the sidebar. Jewelry and shopping labels are a quick way to shop for your Valentine! 


  1. I have weird things I don't like to touch...white buttons and jewelery. So I wouldn't want something like this for me...BUT....
    My mom is. I need to show her your stuff!!!

  2. Hi Ann,
    I am so happy you contacted me. I have often wondered about you, and how your cabinets came out. Wow, you did a nice job, they look great. I like the colours you chose and your distressing is fabulous.
    I also loved looking at all your Christmas Vignettes, they're all very creative. My favorite photo was your tree, Very Cool Cart!
    Also your jewelry is beautiful. You really should open an Etsy shop. You're one talented lady. I signed up as a follower.

  3. These pieces of art are lovely. You have a gift for adding just the right elements.
    I've been sick for a month, chronic rhinitis.
    I fancy way of saying a runny nose and congestion.
    I am enjoying reading about your "finds"