Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colorado Trip

Waiting for our tour bus to see Coors.
Dad and son Tyler

Mom and son Tyler

My guys are shy about getting pictures taken.

Toast after the tour...allowed to have three beers!

Near Coors, Golden CO

Tylers new apartment.

Tyler at work; The UPS Store
Denver CO
We also toured the Denver mint, no pictures are allowed. This was a business/pleasure trip. We traveled in Gary semi truck to take a trailer to Colorado. Then enjoyed some time with our son, Tyler. He really has learned his way around the Denver area and took us to lots of great places to eat! Jan 4 - Jan 9th 2011


  1. Looks like you had fun...... and it looks like Tyler is doing well!

  2. Karen said you posted your trip! What fun! I am trying to remember what day that was when I saw you in the truck??? (you looked happy up there!) Was that the day you left?

  3. Yes joe tulips, that was the day we left!